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Kojenecká voda Fromin
  • Kojenecká voda Fromin

Baby water – Fromin – 28 pcs

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Fromin is the highest water quality from the legal point of view. It is purely natural, without any modifications and is thus not only ideal for preparing baby food without boiling, but also a very suitable drink for expectant mothers.

PET bottle 1 l.

Pack of 28 bottles.

Delivery time: 3-4 days


We always deliver fresh water without intermediate storage.

Keep away from direct sunlight. After opening, keep cool and use within 3 days.

Analysis: Cations: Na 2.6 mg/l; K 1.13 mg/l; Ca 63.4 mg/l; Mg 2.5 mg/l. Anions: Cl 1.82 mg/l; SO₄ 10.2 mg/l; NO₃ <2.0 mg/l; F <0.2 mg/l; HCO₃ 197 mg/l. Total mineralization of TDS (180 °C) 188 mg/l.

Spring water. Source of the source: locality Česká Lípa, source FROMIN. Producer: AQUA EXTRA s.r.o., Sudomerska 901/24, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic.