Folding bottle Fromin 10 l
  • Folding bottle Fromin 10 l

Folding ecological bottle 10 l - Fromin - 3 pcs


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Ecological collapsible PET barrel is designed for use on all common water dispensers as well as for use with a pump. The barrel can be reduced to 25% of its original size by simple pressing, thus saving space in the waste.

PET bottle 1 l.

Pack of 3 barrels.

Always store PET packaging in separate plastic waste containers.

Delivery time: 3-4 days


We always deliver fresh water without intermediate storage.

Premium Fromin Ice Age Water in Eco-friendly 10L collapsible barrels.

Keep away from direct sunlight. After opening, keep cool and use within 3 days.

Analysis: Cations: Na 2.6 mg/l; K 1.4 mg/l; Ca 76 mg/l; Mg 2.7 mg/l. Anions: Cl 1.5 mg/l; SO₄ 9.3 mg/l; NO₃ 2,0 mg/l; F 0.2 mg/l; HCO₃ 202 mg/l. Dissolved substances: 210 mg/l. Total hardness: 2.03 mmol/l. pH 7.67

Spring water. Source of the source: locality Česká Lípa, source FROMIN. Producer: AQUA EXTRA s.r.o., Sudomerska 901/24, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic.