Křišťálová voda
  • Křišťálová voda

Crystal Water – Fromin – glass


The combination of exceptional water with the purifying energy of the crystal has created a unique package of harmonizing elixir.
The crystals are placed directly in a high quality bottle, so you can prepare crystal water yourself. Instructions for its preparation in English are attached.

Delivery time: 3-4 days

  • We always deliver fresh water without intermediate storage. We always deliver fresh water without intermediate storage.

Fromin water enriched with crystal energy. Crystal strengthens the body's defenses, supplies energy, harmonises, stimulates inspiration, increases positive energy, creative ideas, concentration and focus of the mind. It strengthens us with new life energy.

After opening, keep cool and use within 3 days. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Analysis: Cations: Na 2.37 mg/l; K 1.08 mg/l; Ca 68.1 mg/l; Mg 2.54 mg/l. Anions: Cl 1.49 mg/l; SO₄ 9.2 mg/l; NO₃ 2,0 mg/l; F 0.2 mg/l; HCO₃ 206 mg/l. Dissolved substances: 190 mg/l.

Spring water. Source of the source: locality Česká Lípa, source FROMIN. Producer: AQUA EXTRA s.r.o., Sudomerska 901/24, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic.